Animation help?

2013-02-02 01:20:21 by KenJi516

I recently drew a picture, but I have no clue how to animate it. Which kinda sucks I really wanna animate something and post it on the Art Portal.......

Merry Christmas!

2012-12-25 19:20:37 by KenJi516

Merry Christmas to everyone here on newgrounds and in the newgrounds community. Hope you guys are enjoying yourselves and remember what the true meaning of Christmas is :D

New artwork

2012-08-18 11:55:14 by KenJi516

I was going to draw a picture of something, but I don't have anything in mind to draw. I tried thinking of something random to draw and it didn't come out like i expected....I really need ideas on what to draw I got nothing in mind.


2012-03-17 17:32:11 by KenJi516

Ahh...its good to be back on here, I haven't been here in a while then i see all these changes i'm like "wow, things changed alot here"!


2012-01-14 13:06:43 by KenJi516

hackers, really sucks! for a couple of days my computer was infected with viruses, trojans, worms, and so on, but every time i look at my computer its always saying some one is hacking my computer and i can't do anything about it because i can't excess anything to counter act it, but now i'm back on here finally.

playstation vita + video game lovers = AWSOMENESS

2011-12-09 18:24:50 by KenJi516

ok ok ok ok look look look ahh nevermind you missed it lol but seriously jus went to see the new playstation vita! it was awsome! it got touch screen, and even touch screen on the bak of the vita can't wait til it comes out in store

ok i wake up and i come in the living room but my sister was watchin' TV so i was gonna wait den after a while i asked to play the game and she says no WTF and if i just get on the game she'll be all whiny and crap hate it! but i'll find a way on oh say and did i say when i asked to get on the game she said no but after that she wants to turn on the game that makes no sense!